Dot, our little cat
dez-2006 to jan-2007

These are some pictures from Dot, our little cat that arrived home on december 2006. It's just an example of an album from my program to create web albums (

Below is the config file used to generated this album (notice it's generated in two languages (i18n):

albums = dot
format_from_css = yes
table_columns = 3
backup = no
exif_extractor = metacam
embedded_label = ""
html_description_file = description.txt
captions_file = captions.txt

title = "Pictures from Dot, our little cat"
title2 = "Dot, our little cat"
title3 = "Dot"
description = "Pictures from our cat Dot used as an usage example of the software"
period = dez-2006 to jan-2007
extra_langs = pt_BR
title.pt_BR = "Fotos do Dot, nosso gato"
title2.pt_BR = "Dot, nosso filhote"
title3.pt_BR = "Dot"
description.pt_BR = "Fotos de nosso gato Dot, utilizadas como exemplo de uso do software"
period.pt_BR = dez-2006 a jan-2007
from_dir = /home/ademar/tmp/picasa-exports/album-dot

The other files are: captions.txt and description.txt (generated automatically on first run and reused if edited by hand)

Dot: Dot, on his first day at home
Dot, on his first day at home
Dot: img_4523.jpg
Dot: img_4526.jpg
Dot: img_4540.jpg
Dot: img_4544.jpg
Dot: img_4570.jpg
Dot: Hungry!
Dot: img_4589.jpg
Dot: img_4594.jpg
Dot: Dot and Tux
Dot and Tux
Dot: img_4622.jpg
Dot: img_4634.jpg
Dot: Dot wishes everybody a Merry Christmas
Dot wishes everybody a Merry Christmas
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